I’m AnimeKittyCafe, also commonly known as TwirlyWhirl.
I have a strong affinity for drawing and writing, but mostly drawing because I suck at writing (and probably the only reason I started writing in the first place was to see my various fantasies about different anime on paper, cough cough). I usually do fan art for whatever it is I’m obsessing unhealthily over (right now, it’s Di Gi Charat, and it has been for a while), but I’m hoping to start working more on my original series.

As for personal info, I’m a girl and that’s all you need to know. C:

Uuurgh, let’s see…

Besides the obvious, I also like Rozen Maiden and Tokyo Mew Mew (although I’m becoming somewhat cynical about the latter due to its obnoxious fanbase…), Bottle Fairy, and… I used to like Sonic, but the fanbase pretty much sucks and the new games are awful. After SA2, it was all downhill, haha.

Oh, and Harvest Moon. Like, my favorite game, tied with Animal Crossing~

There’s more I don’t care that much about. C:

OH, and junk food! I like junk food. And chocolate. And I hate exercise, which is a bad combo, but my metabolism hasn’t died quite yet, so I’m okay for now. -snort-

I’m a proud nerd, and I’m pretty friendly with everyone, but I’m also easily annoyed. D:

I think that’s all anyone will care about at all. Go away, now, you stalkers.

私の最初言語は英語。 私は自分自身に日本語を教える。 それは難しいですけど日本語は美しい言語です。^_^/


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